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Over the years I’ve spent a small fortune trying to win a large fortune. While that exasperating jackpot continues to turn tail, I take heart none of the other lottery experts have won a jackpot yet either. On the positive side, I have won enough lower tier prizes to keep things interesting enough. I don’t need to charge you for share what I’ve learned so far.

What I did find. The times I couldn’t afford to play more than a few lines and was forced to use brain power to construct winning numbers, instead of just letting the software to go-for-it, the better I did.

I have nothing but the greatest respect for authors of credible lottery software. While I’ve never found one that predicted winning numbers better than random, the other features of charting, wheeling and filtering have proven invaluable to work out the best ways to play.

Let me show you three of the worlds most powerful place holder or pointer number lines. What we call a wheel or cover design. Naturally you would replace your numbers for mine, but the matrix positioning would remain the same. Notice how they are in blocks or bricks of 3 numbers:

06-05-04, 03-02-01, 07-08-09.
__-__-__, __-__-__, __-__-__

Say for example you are playing in a 6/49 game where the odds of 6 numbers among 6 are 1 in 13.9 million. So any combination or quick pick you buy is a long shot.

The simple act of picking 9 numbers rather than 6 lowers the odds of having 6 winning numbers among any set of 9 to only 1 in 166,474.00 !!! Hard to believe, but true. If the lottery allowed you to select 9 numbers on your ticket the lottery jackpot odds would drop from 1 in 13.9 million to 1 in 166,474.00 thousand, that’s like a 98.6% reduction and can improve on that.

Of course the fly in the soup is we’re not allowed to pick 9 numbers on a ticket we’re only allowed to pick 6 and if we were to make up every combination better with 9 numbers it would take 84 lines.

However what we can do is reduce those 84 lines into the set above that guarantees a lower tier prize at a far lower cost to play.

If the 6 winning numbers are among the 9 you are playing on the above 3 lines, you would have a 3 in 84 chance of winning a jackpot or you would have a 67% chance of a 5# win and if that doesn’t happen you would have 3-4# winning tickets!

If only 5 winning numbers fall among the 9 you would win one 4# prize and 2-3# prizes.

If 4 of the winning numbers fall among the 9 you would have a 35% chance of a 4# win or you would win 2-3# prizes.

Clearly just about any kind of win with these powerful three lines accomplishes the mission of winning enough to play free on the state’s money.

The Jackpot Shot

You don’t have to buy a full wheel to try for a jackpot.

Study the 3 lines and you’ll find each group of 3 numbers appears twice coming in contact with each group one time.

06-05-04, 03-02-01, 07-08-09

06-05-04 + 03-02-01,
06-05-04 + 07-08-09
03-02-01+ 07-08-09

What if you happened to have two groups of 3 numbers correct? Well by this system those two groups must come together to form a combination and therefore that combination must win a jackpot as all 6 numbers would correct on one line!

The Jackpot Shot is based on your positioning of the numbers below the pointers. It makes no difference to the guarantees of the wheel and can be an important part of your lottery play or you can totally ignore that aspect until you reach that point in your prediction ability. In other hand, it’s in there free whether you try for it or not.

This is a trick of the lottery sages before computers began building wheels by force. The experts begin our wheels like laying down bricks to build a solid foundation for a jackpot shot and then We guarantee the lower award. We now know we can often squeeze a tiny fraction of a percent coverage for unclosed prize tears by abandoning the jackpot shot, but it is a high price to pay for such a small prize.

The Next Step

Next we will build a second set of lines three numbers up from the previous set.


Cool, a second powerful set of 9 numbers, but wait a second the first line is the same as the 3rd line from the previous set. Let’s merge the two and bring the 01-02-03 group in joining with the 10-11-12 group


If all 6 of the winning numbers drop among the 12 without being all among either set of 9′s prizes, we are guaranteed of 4# win and up to 4-3# wins.

Why would we want to play 12 numbers rather than 9?

Because the odds of all 6 winning numbers being among 12 in a 6/49 game are 1 in 15,134.00 thousand.

The Step Beyond

Unluckily the 4# prize-winning power stops at 12 numbers in 4 groups of 3 numbers. We can add a 5th group for a total of 15 numbers, but the prize-winning coverage of a 4# prize drops to 75% and only a 3,  if 6 prize is guaranteed, but we do have multiple 9# powerful sets in there along with a greater jackpot shot. Here’s how we do it . . .


It takes 120 lines for a Jackpot Hit using 48 numbers in groups of three.

A Better Way to Play Beyond 12 Numbers

Say we have a 6/49 game and we’re playing 12 numbers on 6 lines having 37 numbers. Most games broadly have one dead number that has not been drawn for 30 or more draws, we don’t play that one and do play the remaining 36 on 6 well constructed lines.

When making our lines we shouldn’t include more than:

5 of the 6 numbers being all odd or even.

5 or the 6 numbers being all low or high.

3 of the numbers being in numeric sequence.

3 of the numbers being in any sequence.

3 of the numbers being from one decade.

3 of the numbers having the same last digit.

2 of the numbers from the previous draw.

In other words, 05-10-15-20-25-30-35 passes the  all odd or all even criteria and passes with no more than 5 odd or even numbers and decades, but fails due to 6 numbers in sequence. Getting this better won’t make you a winner, but it will help counter you from playing combinations of a type that only come up once every hundred or so drawings.

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